Advantages ofSix Month Smiles®

You’ve probably heard every different fix in the book for your teeth to be beautiful and healthy until now. Six Month Smiles is the revolutionary new method of giving you the smile that you have always wanted in just a few short months.

Many adults who explore different cosmetic options to correct their crooked teeth look at comfort, affordability, and most of all, results. Few are interested in spending years wearing metal braces that attract unwanted attention to their teeth when they smile, chew, laugh, or even just while they’re talking. This is where Six Month Smiles comes in.

Get the Metal Out of Your Mouth

Six Month Smiles® is quickly becoming among the most popular teeth straightening technique for patients looking to gain the perfect smile because of its many advantages over other leading cosmetic dental procedures such as metal braces or Invisalign. It offers:

  • Faster Treatment Time: Unlike regular braces and other cosmetic options such as Invisalign, Six Month Smiles completes your perfect smile in only six months depending on your teeth. This is due to its concentration on just those teeth that make up your smile rather than all of your teeth, and Six Month Smiles® does not take extra time correcting the bite.
  • Purely Cosmetic: Many times adults will only want a better smile without the extras, yet they can only choose braces that they are stuck with for years that are unsightly. Six Month Smiles does not use metal wires like conventional braces, but uses Lucid-Lok™ clear brackets and tooth colored wires to make the fact that you are wearing braces almost invisible. With Six Month Smiles adults can have their perfect smile without worrying about the rest.
  • Affordable: Typically regular braces and Invisalign can cost into the thousands depending on the severity of your teeth and bite. Because Six Month Smiles uses a shorter time frame, clear brackets and tooth colored wires it is likely the cheapest set of braces you will ever wear.
  • Predictability: Six Month Smiles is straight forward in its treatment and realities of fixing your teeth into a permanently beautiful smile. Though the treatment times may vary slightly the result is always the same.

Experience Six Month Smiles

in Austin

Six Month Smiles is not just a set of cheap braces, it’s your chance at a better smile faster. If you are interested in learning more about Six Month Smiles and are in the Austin area, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Dan Matthews’ dental office in Austin to schedule a consultation.